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Sean Callaghan Award

Surveyza Inc. was a huge supporter of women working in the Oil & Gas industry and DE&I.  He always had time to give a lending hand to a colleague and he wanted to leave our industry better than what it was. Sadly Sean has pasted away but his memory lives on in the women still in the industry whom he helped in their careers along the way. In his memory, the WiSe committee commissioned the Sprirt Award.  Every year this award is won by the team best representing the spirit of the event and the game.

Feel free to dress up to the Throw Back Thursday - Blast from the Past and win this year's award.  All winning team members will have their names added to the award.

Thank You to all our past team winners for your passion of the event!

Past winners:

2019: Ginny Ekvall, Kristy Manchul, Tammy Chow, Candice Blakeman

2018: Tammy Chow, Ginny Ekvall, Candice Blakeman, Kristy Manchul

2017: Kim Bailey, Shauna Logan, Kristy Manchul, Karen Stewart

2016: Candice Blakeman, Crystal Geiss, Pat Tong, Trish Mulder

2015: Crystal Geiss, Pat Tong, Lesley Wilmot, Trish Mulder

2014: Lona Leavitt, Rachel Newrick, Tara Sherstabetoff

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